Neck Pain

What Groups of People Commonly Get Neck Pain

What is Neck Pain?

Neck pain, also referred to as cervicalgia, is simply pain or discomfort in any of the structures that make up the neck. Neck pain expresses itself in different forms ranging from soreness, stiffening of the neck to simply pain. Neck pain may be described by others as the one thing that brings sadness to their lives as they have to trudge through life carrying it as a burden. For these individuals, medical research should be conducted to find a way to cure neck pain.

Neck pain is a condition that makes people suffers time to time. It does strike in most individual’s lives at one point or the other in their lifetime. However, the pain isn’t the same for everyone. It varies in terms of duration, intensity and location in the neck from one individual to another. Depending on the cause of the pain, neck pain may come as a slight discomfort, moderate pain or in some cases come as searing pain in the person’s neck.

In order to understand how to cure neck pain, one needs to understand the neck itself. The neck is also known as the cervical spine. It comprises seven bones called the cervical vertebrae. Surrounding this bones are other tissue types like muscles, ligaments and discs which exist between the bones to provide cushioning for the bones. Any of these constituents could be the reason for neck pain.

Neck pain may not only affect the neck. In many cases it also radiates to cover other parts like the shoulders and the upper part of the back. Pain may also radiate from other parts of the body to end up to the neck. If allowed to continue for a lengthy duration, neck pain makes life uncomfortable and in severe cases unbearable. Whatever the intensity of the pain, doctors should find effective means to cure neck pain and put people out of their misery.

Who is Get Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a possibility in anyone’s life. After all, no one can be risk proof. As a matter of fact, experts put the statistics of adults who develop neck pain at one point or another in their life at 80%. What’s more, at any random time 10 % of the adults are suffering from neck pain. Means to cure neck pain would, therefore, be highly appreciated.

That being said, there are those people who need a way to cure neck pain more than the average Joe. This is because they are at higher risk of landing a pain in the neck and they are the ones in most cases who end up suffering more. So who are these people you may ask? Overly sportive individuals tend to keep doctors on their toes dealing with daily cases of sportsmen who have sprained their necks. Ambitious weight lifters who more than often push themselves to the limits with weights far heavier than their range find themselves in this category too.

Age is a praiseworthy thing when we consider factors like more experience and wisdom. However, it doesn’t look too attractive when we throw in vulnerability to illnesses. As people age, their cervical spine gets to suffer more degeneration due to conditions like arthritis. This of course leads to neck pain. Most white collar jobs involve sitting at a desk staring at a computer for long durations of time. At that period, the head is often hung low and the neck finds itself hanging for very long, and this puts a strain on the neck muscles; hence neck pain becomes inevitable for such an individual.

Stressed individuals also get entangled in battles involving a painful neck and mental distress. While stress doesn’t actually cause neck pain, it promotes the continuity of an existing one. There would be less need to cure neck pain, which could be a frustrating process, if we avoided risking development of one in the first place.

Who Is At Most Risk for Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a respecter of neither gender nor class. Neck pain can strike any individual so long as they allow it to. However, there are those unfortunate individuals whom it hunts down more often as a result of their lifestyle or genes or even physical condition. Those individuals find themselves more in need of a way to cure neck pain than your ordinary human being.

There are those individuals who have a history of neck pain in their lineage. Such people usually suffer from chronic neck pain, possibly as a result of some hereditary illnesses such as arthritis. Such individuals who are at risk of acquiring the pain from their genes are simply lucky if they survive their whole life without the pain. Sportsmen and other individuals who have to be physically active are also at risk of acquiring neck pain if they don’t pay attention to avoiding it. Individual involved in the job description such as masonry involving lifting heavy bricks and slabs increase an individual’s chance of developing neck pain.

Individuals whose job description involves sitting in front of a computer for long hours on end are also at a high risk of acquiring neck pain. Such persons often find themselves doing little else other than sitting for long durations each day. Aging people too aren’t spared. Arthritis is more of real possibility at old age than at a younger age. This makes them susceptible to neck pain arising from degenerative reasons. For such individuals, it is also harder to cure neck pain because it is most likely to be chronic neck pain.

Inactive people who suddenly become athletic also make themselves prone to neck pain attacks. This is because their muscles, which are relatively stiff due to inactiveness, are suddenly subjected to intensive activity and this makes them prone to injury. These individuals need to learn ways to keep themselves away from acquiring neck pain, and in the event they do acquire it, it is paramount that they know how to cure neck pain.

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