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What Does it Feel Like to Have Lower Back Pain

Have you ever thought about what it feels like to have a lower back pain? Are you a person who has experienced the bitter effects of a lower back pain? To cure lower back pain appropriately, one should surely have an idea about what it feels like to have back pain, and what are the main symptoms that can be detected at the earliest stages of the pain.

Lower back pain is something that is very common in almost all ages of people, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. The knowledge about what exactly this pain is truly necessary in having knowledge about how to cure lower back pain and what are the medicines that are to be taken, when this pain occurs.

Lower back pain is actually a musculoskeletal symptom that may last either for a very short span of time, or else, last for a longer period of time, depending upon the causes of pain. Such type of pain is associated with the spinal cord of a human body and is felt in the regions of the lower back – back of the thighs and the buttocks mainly. To cure lower back pain, one should first identify the severity of pain in the back.

There is no clear definition that can be given to this pain, but it can be summed up as the effect of lifting heavy objects, doing exercises that are too heavy for your body, or even as a result of inactiveness of the body for a particular period of time. The level of pain may vary from just a simple and small pain, to a very sharp and fierce pain. This would obviously depend on the health conditions of the person experiencing the pain, as well as on the severity with which the pain affects the person’s spinal cord.

People who suffer from lower back pain may experience difficulty in movement. Some of them may also experience severe pain while they walk around, even for a very short span of time. This is because, in most people, the lower back pain tends to move through the spine to the legs of the person, making it difficult for him or her to move the legs. To cure lower back pain which is accompanied by the pain in the legs, proper advice should be sought from a doctor, and appropriate exercises should be done on a regular basis, to give more mobility and flexibility to the leg joints.

Some other people may experience trouble in sitting, if they fall victims of lower back pain.  The situation occurs when stress exerted on the spinal cord is more than what the body can take. This is mostly seen in people who lift loads and other heavy material on a daily basis, or people who drive long distances daily. Here, the stress on the spine becomes even more when the person sits down on his butts.

What Are the Symptoms of Lower Back Pain?

The symptoms of lower back pain can be easily recognized, once you start experiencing the pain. An awareness of these symptoms is necessary to know how to cure lower back pain of any type, may it be a serious pain or a very minute pain.

One of the most common symptoms of lower back pain found in most people is the discomfort in standing, sitting or lying down in a particular position. This can indicate the beginning of a pain, which would become severe if it goes unnoticed. If you are a person who is experiencing such discomforts, it would be advisable to start exercises to stretch your muscles on a regular basis. Such exercises can help you to a large extent, to make your body more flexible, and hence reduce the back pain you are suffering from.

Sometimes severe lower back pain may be caused as a result of some serious disease in your digestive or excretory system, mostly the kidneys. The malfunctioning of kidneys, kidney stones, infection in the bladder etc can lead to such back pains. The symptoms of back pain, which indicate the chances of a serious disease, may include weakness in the legs, causing a difficulty in walking, a sudden stop in the functioning of the bladder, irregular tightening and loosening of the muscles of the legs, difficulty in bending forward or backward etc. To cure lower back pain caused due to such diseases is extremely difficult and can be done only with the help of a physician.

Some of the other common symptoms of having the lower back pain are tenderness in the lower back area of your body, pain in the abdomens, pain starting from the lower back all the way through the legs etc. Understanding the symptoms is very much necessary to cure lower back pain in all of these cases.


To cure lower back pain occurring in this way, the only solution is to keep a limit to load you put on your back. Using selective chairs that would give a proper support to your back and would allow you to keep your back and knees straight are also highly effective to eliminate the pain.

One of the simplest methods that can be followed to bring down the lower back pain is to perform exercises for the back on a daily basis. Such pains are mostly caused due to overstraining of the muscles in your back. This may be sometimes due to lifting of weights that the body cannot support or due to constantly working out of the body at the work place. The best way to cure lower back pain of this type is to develop a habit of giving proper rest to your back, to avoid taking too much weight, and to carry on light exercises that are effective to tone up the muscles in your back.

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Taking walks regularly, avoiding the use of high heeled shoes, sleeping on a firm mattress, using straight back chairs etc can also help to cure lower back pain and relieve you from the unwanted pain that affects you and spoils your day.

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