Neck Pain

Tips to Prevent Spinal Injury and Back Pain

Injury to the back are often caused by your daily activities. These spinal injuries can cause temporary or permanent back pain. If the illness does not disappear within a few days then you need to think to consult your health care professional. To avoid back pain, then it mandatory that you must take is to reduce tension and strain on back muscles in doing your daily activities and of course supported with food and adequate nutrition for your bones so that your spine strong and flexible.

If you have ever experienced back pain with a sudden or recurring pain, then you should begin to notice things that maybe you never noticed before.

Are you overweight?

With reference to body mass index, you can find an ideal weight and healthy for your height.

Do you often use shoes with high soles?

Using high-shoe insoles for standing and walking in a long time will increase the pressure and load more on your back.

Do you often experience stress, anxiety and tension?

This causes stiffness and excessive strain on your muscles in a long time.

In addition, can be compounded by the existence of spontaneous movement and a sudden movement that involves your back to Work.

Does your job require you to stand in a long time?

Standing position that is not true for a long time causing excessive pressure on your back. Try to be able to stand with your head facing forward and your back straight and keep your legs straight so your weight is supported both your legs evenly.

Do you spend a long time to sit down?

To reduce risk of back pain from sitting too long, consider your sitting position. As far as possible take, an upright sitting position with knees and hips and feet flat parallel with the floor. Use a small cushion if needed to help to keep your back straight. If you work with sitting behind a desk, make sure your arm in a horizontal position premises elbow in the correct position.

Do you ever wake up from sleep frequently even with strong pain in your back or neck?

Maybe it is time you notice the mattress or your pillow. A good mattress should help support the body while keeping your spine is always in a straight position. Similarly, a pillow that you use must be able to support your head without forcing your neck to form a steep angle – ideally, the head remains parallel to the body.

Your job requires you to lift heavy luggage.

Incorrect handling when lifting heavy objects is the biggest cause of workplace back injuries in particular. Whenever possible always use the tool to lift or move goods. When should lift by using your hands and you can do it, then try to back is always in an upright condition and a good head facing forward when lifting, carrying or putting goods, by bending your knees and squat and do not bend to lift or put goods . Keep items that you carry as close to your body and do not turn your back or leaning sideways. When lifting large items, please do not hesitate to ask for help. In addition, always remember it is better to push rather than pull.

Steps To Get Rid Of Your Back Pain

  • Find out the specific cause of your spine dysfunction.

Your back pain are caused by muscle imbalance and physical dysfunction, especially in the backs and the surrounding area. The first thing that must be known and understood exactly is the cause of the occurrence of pain. It is often not considered in dealing with back pain, because the cause of the pain does not always exist in the area where the pain was located. Before the cause was found, then treatment is not carried out effectively and this will make the pain came repeatedly. Because the causes of muscle imbalances and physical dysfunction of the spine is specific, it is necessary to research specific personally by your health care professional.

  • Relief of pain symptoms (perhaps only temporarily).

The second step you should do is relieve pain you still feel today. This step is usually done in a hurry without knowing beforehand what the cause of the pain itself, so that the pain will come again and again continue to repeat. Relief of pain symptoms may only be temporary, but this is not a problem.

For relieving pain is to prepare the next steps that must be done so that the pain will not come again and interfere with your life. It is not possible you can undergo treatment and care so that you can get rid of the pain at this time if you still suffer it, even to move you just cannot. By using the right strategy, it is easy to get rid of the pain due to muscle imbalances and physical dysfunction has been known.

  • Eliminate dysfunction that causes pain to no pain anymore, forever.

Once you no longer feel pain, then you can undergo a series of therapy treatments and possible lifestyle changes to keep it that way. There are so many methods of treatment are offered for this, but with reference to the problems of physical dysfunction and muscle imbalances that you experience, it can be determined accurate treatment to your unique cause of pain.

If these three steps are done correctly then you will no longer suffer from back pain and you can move freely.

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