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Back Pain

Tips To Deal With Upper Back Pain Effectively

It is unusual for people to observe upper back pain as this is the most stable part of the entire spinal cord and is one of the least vulnerable parts that are prone to injury. However, a pain in the upper back is usually very severe and highly discomforting and it takes a lot of time and care to get back to normal state.

Causes of upper back pain

You can fall a prey to upper back pain either due to an injury or a trauma. The doctors have also recorded poor posture as a cause of upper back pain over a period of time. Many young professionals, who spend a considerable part of their time working on laptop, forget the importance of maintaining a good posture and as a result fall victim to upper back pain. The worst part of this pain is that it is usually accompanied by neck or shoulder pain. There are several main causes of upper back pain and they are as follows:

  1. Irritation in muscles due to excessive of repetitive use.
  2. Dysfunction of joints due to an injury or accident.
  3. Thoracic spinal disease in which the spinal disc is degenerated.
  4. Aging is also a cause of upper back pain.
  5. Stress or depression also stiffens the upper back muscles that results in extreme pain. 6. Obesity also causes too much of pressure on your back and causes pain.

Symptoms of upper back pain

Constant pain in the upper back area is the most pronounced symptom of upper back pain. However you may experience some of the following symptoms also:

  1. Difficulty in standing and walking straight.
  2. Inability or sharp pain in the back after lifting heavy objects.
  3. Pain spreading to the neck, chest, or shoulder area.
  4. Feeling of numbness and weakness in the limbs.
  5. You may also feel pain in your back during sneezing or hard coughing.

How to get upper back pain relief

You need not carry your upper back pain with you throughout your life as there are several effective ways to get relief from even the most severe cases of upper back pain. All you need is to be a little patient and careful during the treatment phase. Some of the most effective ways to treat your aching upper back are:

  1. Upper back pain home treatment: You can easily find several home based remedies for the treatment of your upper back pain. Some of them are:

– Having celery: High sodium content in salary helps in reducing the inflammation of the muscles and give an immediate relief.

– Decreasing weight: Start managing your weight as it may be one of the leading causes of aching back.

– Changing pillow or mattress- Sometimes our muscles get stresses if we are unable to get a good night’s sleep.

– Changing your pillow or mattress can help you relax during night.

– Posture: A good posture is extremely important to keep your spinal cord in the best working condition. Take a few minutes out after every two hours to do some stretching to make up for the incorrect posture while you work.

  1. Exercise for upper back pain: Exercises for getting relief from upper back pain focus on stretching and strengthening of the worn muscles. Make a daily exercise regime that focuses on overall muscular system and follow it religiously. Early morning is usually the best time to exercise. Visit a park to get your daily dose of fresh air also. However, it is important to consult a physiotherapist before you start with your exercising schedule.
  2. Yoga for upper back pain: Yoga is one of the most effective ways to get relief from upper back pain. Several yoga movements like the cobra pose; half revolved belly pose and sailing boat pose have a healing effect on the back problems. These poses focus on stretching of the core spinal muscles. Ensure you perform these poses only under the guidance of a trained professional else you may end up aggravating the problem.

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  1. Ayurvedic treatment for upper back pain: Ayurvedic treatments for getting relief in upper back pain include a detoxification therapy.

– You can try taking castor oil three times a week if the pain is in its initial stages.

– Enema is also very effective in treating sever cases of upper back ache. It removes the accumulated toxins in the body and gets you an instant relief.

– Basti when taken regularly will not only provide relief in back pain, but it will also help in regenerating new muscles.

  1. 5. Homeopathy treatment for upper back pain: If you are looking for a permanent solution for your upper back ache, going for homeopathic treatment is the best thing you can do. Some of the most effective homeopathic medicines the can be used are:

– Rhus fox: Application of this medicine gives you an instant relief from the stiffness of the back muscles.

– Brynoia Alba: An excellent medicine for pain that is caused due to change in movement of back muscles.

– Hypericum: If you are suffering from an upper back pain resulting from a surgery or an injury, this medicine can prove to be very effective.

– Kali carb: Use this medicine when the upper back pain spread down to the legs and the buttocks. This is usually most severe cases of back ache and is suffered by women during their menstrual periods.

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