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Spine Pain

Spinal Fusion- Quick Guide

Medical science has achieved great success in the recent decades and this has given a breath of fresh air to humanity. There were days when people used to die of a common cold and now even cancer can be treated if detected at the right time. This shows how advanced science has become and we do not have to worry about pain and suffering anymore. When it comes to the vertebra, spinal fusion is a medical procedure, which benefited a large number of patients suffering from spinal or back problems. Spinal fusion is a very popular surgical measure to treat many back problems and many other issues. It has been proven in the past that spinal fusion has given relief to numerous patients who had lost all hope. Here is all you need to know about spinal fusion and Spinal Fusion Recovery!

What is spinal fusion?

Spinal fusion is a surgical technique, which is used to join two or more vertebrae together. It is also known as spondylodesis in medical terms and is a very beneficial procedure. A supplementary bone tissue is fused with the body’s natural bone growth processes, which can be taken from either the patient or the donor’s body. This fusion is used to eliminate the pain, which is cause, by the abnormal motion of the vertebrae. Here, the defected vertebra portion is immobilized so that the pain is reduced. This medical procedure is used to treat many deformities and spinal abnormalities. It has proven to be a very effective technique in medical science.

Why do we need spinal fusion?

Spinal cord treatment or spinal fusion is used to treat any deformities in the spinal cord or vertebrae, which cause pain to the body. Spinal fusion is the preferred way to treat even scoliosis and kyphosis. It is done most commonly in the lumbar region where the spine is located. It is also used to treat cervical and thoracic problems. Therefore, when it comes to treating spinal deformities you 3must always remember spinal fusion technique. For the medical procedure, bone, metal plates and sometimes-even screws are inserted into the vertebrae to immobilize the deformed vertebra portion. This results in the reduction or removal of pain!

Spinal fusion surgery used to treat the following cases:

– Spinal stenosis

– Degenerative disc disease (DDD)

– Scoliosis (Read: Common Types of Spinal curvature Disorders)

– Herniated disc

– Tumor


What are the spinal fusion recovery measures?

After the spinal fusion surgery has been performed, the patient must remain under great care. This is because the spinal cord or the vertebra needs its own time to recover depending on the kind of deformities caused top the vertebrae before the surgery. The patient must be still and perform zero activities apart from the necessary actions such as eating and a little talking. Any damage cause to the recovering spinal cord can be tragic, as it would take another medical procedure to again keep the vertebrae in its place. Therefore, remember to move as little as possible while you are recovering.


How long does spinal fusion take to recover?

Normally, the time spinal fusion would take to recover is based upon the kind of deformity that the vertebrae had been suffering. Spinal Fusion Recovery can take anything between weeks to a month. The doctor or surgeon who performs the medical procedure or the spinal fusion would be able to tell you in detail how many days or weeks it would take your spinal fusion to recover. During your spinal fusion recovery, it is advised that you move as little as possible. Once you start recovering from the spinal fusion, you could try to do a few light exercises, which would enable your body parts to become stronger.


What should you do after spinal fusion recovery?

Once you start recovering from your spinal fusion procedure, you would have to follow a strict pattern of motion or even performing certain tasks or activities. When you stand, be sure to stand straight and not in a slouchy way. Never bend your back while doing any activity, keep your back as straight as possible. Avoid bending your back at any cost, instead bend your knees as it improves you flexibility. Also, try not to twist and turn your waist and vertebra, just turn your body as a whole. This will help in causing less stress on your vertebrae and will help your spinal fusion recovery!

Don’t forget t eat healthy diet foods; foods that rich in calcium and essential vitamins and minerals this will affect your recovery process.

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