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How to relieve back pain while pregnant ?

How to relieve back pain while pregnant ?


Pregnancy is a phase where most women need better support from family and friends.

She will be going through several changes physically as well as psychologically, While family and friends give her mental support, her physical changes are the concern of a gynecologist.


Back pain is one of the visible hardships a conceiving female has to cope with.

There is no wonder since she is gaining weight carrying a baby.

A human body is structurally built to carry certain weight distributed throughout, but during pregnancy, this proportion is highly altered which will result in a straining backbone.

Here are certain tips and answers for your question how to relieve back pain while pregnant?


1) Find the right accessories and gears:

This is one thing that you don’t want to mess while pregnant.

One shall avoid tight outfits, especially during period and switch to loose length pregnancy, wears in order to allow proper air circulation and adjust the fit.

There are maternity support belts that help you reduce the load by strapping down the belly. Also, height heeled footwear’s shall be kept in the closet for 10 months, instead you can use flat heeled or low heeled footwear’s to keep the body balanced.


2) Change your posture:

Maintaining a good body posture shall means a total change over to your previous routine.

If you bend down according to load on abdomen then back pain might go severely in the proceeding days.

To try to walk up straight by keeping the chin up and chest high. Giving a hand support on the back while walking shall help you reduce the strain.


3) Sleep posture:

Lying flat on the bed might give extra strain to the backbone, so it is advised to sleep on your side in order to avoid unnecessary strain to the backbone.

Cushioning with a pillow is another good choice if you find it hard resting sideways. While stretching out of the bed, make sure you stand sideways by first letting the legs out and then slowly lifting the body.


4) Don’t bend too much:

Bending to lift heavy objects might add extra strain to the vertebrae, so it recommended to avoid heavy lifting and if urgent do a lifting by squatting instead of bending.


5) Massage on a regular basis:

As it is evident that you might suffer a back pain, a gentle massage will help you cope the unwanted pain. Either you shall do it alone or take the help of family. But make sure that you don’t exert too much pressure on the back.


6) Practice yoga:

Yoga is nowadays recommended by the doctors to ensure a safe and natural delivery. There are certain poses in yoga like extended side pose, triangle pose, side stretching etc. that help you manage the pain during pregnancy. Signing up for a professional training might do well for your overall health during this phase.


So you got the key to eradicating back pain associated with pregnancy, then why wait? Simply apply these hacks in your life to keep the back pain in papers.


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