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neck workouts without equipment

neck workouts without equipment


Neck pains often cause relative discomfort, which affects a person’s mood, health, and social interactions. This pains can be caused by several factors such as bad posture, bone or joint abnormalities, trauma, tumors, or muscle strain. While it is important to discuss any pain or discomfort in this area with a medical professional like a doctor or a chiropractor, there are simple neck workouts you can do for pain relief.

Here is a neck workout you can use to build an impressive neck. It comprises two neck exercises, with an easier version for you guys to practice before performing the hard version. If you are involved in heavy contact sports like MMA, boxing, wrestling, rugby, American football or just want to look like you have pythons crawling out of your collar, do try the following neck exercises.


Preliminary Wrestlers Bridge


Lie on your back with the bottoms of your feet on the surface, with your hands each side of your scalp with fingers towards feet. Propel your body away from the surface until your hips are high, with your trunk plus limbs forming an arch. Lay the apex of the head on a flat rolled up towel. This is the starting position. Now keeping both your hands and also the head touching the surface, bring down your head until your neck and upper shoulder muscles rest on the surface. Now steadily raise your head back upward using only your neck muscle plus palms.


Full Wrestler’s Bridge


Lay on your back with the bottoms of your feet on the floor, together with hands either side of your skull, with fingers pointing towards legs. Push your body off the surface until your hips are high and your trunk plus limbs form an arch. Relax the apex of your head on a flat rolled up towel. Steadily take both your hands off of the floor until just the head and feet are on the surface. Rest the arms along your chest. This will be the start point. Now, lower yourself down little by little once again using only your neck muscles and come down until eventually your neck and also upper shoulder area touch the ground. Gently push back up with your neck muscle to complete 1 rep.


Preliminary Front Bridge


Kneel down on the floor with your knee joints wide apart. Bend over forwards, inserting the palms on the floor, and place the top of one’s skull in the middle of your hands. Rest your head over a slim cushion. Take away both your hands, until finally all the pressure goes through the knee joints, shins, feet and also head. Place both your hands at the rear of your back. Enable your head to pivot back until your nose reaches the floor. Return back to the beginning then rotate the head rightwards, move back to the beginning then rotate the head left. Return to the beginning position again and perform repeatedly.


Full Front Bridge


Enter into a wide position with the feet greater than shoulder length apart. Bend forwards at the hips, putting your hands on the surface with your skull in between your hands over a narrow rolled up towel. Clear away both your hands until eventually it’s just your feet and head making contact with the floor. Right here is the beginning position; now rotate backwards till your nose touches the floor. Return to the initial position and rotate your head right. Go back to the start and pivot the head leftwards and go back to the start position. That is just one repetition and continue for designated amount of repetitions.

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