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How Neck Inflammation Causing Headaches ?

How Neck Inflammation Causing Headaches ?



Modern life takes its toll on humans in more ways than one and neck and head pain is just one of them , and in this article you will know How Neck Inflammation Causing Headaches .

It’s not uncommon for many of us to come back from work with tired, headaches, a stiff neck or even both. Well, given the amount of bending and drooping that our neck and headaches go through the whole day while we work on the laptop, bend over a desk, carry heavy shopping bags or drive kids to school, this is nothing unnatural.

Not only our lifestyle and habits, there’s actually more that contributes to pain in these.

It is important for a patient suffering from neck and/or shoulder pain to report the exact symptoms to the doctor if he wants a definite cure.

The doctor may further perform tests like X-ray, MRI, CT scan or EMG to assess the exact cause of the pain disturbing the patient.

Additional check-ups may also be done to check reflexes, muscle capacity, vascular supply, neurological status and sensation to establish the appropriateness of the findings.

Anatomical aspects:

A headache is scientifically known as Cephalalgia; and has no specific symptom.

It is usually pain felt around the head and may sometimes extend to the neck region.

The pain is usually caused by some level of disturbance that is impacted on structures around the brain that are pain sensitive.

The neck area is considered to be one of the most sensitive areas of the body; because it contains vital parts such as the arteries that supply the brain with blood, pharynx, and trachea, in addition to the spinal cord and nerves branching from it to feed the muscles of the shoulders and arms with the sensation and movement.

With the development of modern life, especially the use of modern technology and devices sit in the offices, Neck has become more susceptible to the problems of muscle tension and inflammation.

How Neck Inflammation Causing Headaches

As you know, many people generally predict the headaches are caused by brain and neural system of human body.

But, the observations which are prepared at the last years showed us a headache can be caused by neck pain due to inflammation in the neck.

The neck contains seven vertebrae, the first three cervical vertebrae are the weakest in the neck and most vulnerable to injuries.

Also responsible for one of the types of headaches that result in injury to the upper nerve, ligaments or inflammation in the muscles.

Inflammation of the joints between the vertebrae can lead to Bulge in the disc which is lead to Irritation of the neck nerve root, which causes the severe pain in the head through trigeminal nerve.

The trigeminal nerve is responsible for carrying the messages from your neck to your head.

There are many muscles located at the top of the shoulders and neck and the bottom of the head, these muscles can get inflammation and convulsions.

and thus lead to chronic pain in the neck and head, and the main causes that lead to a muscle spasm of the head and neck, tension, stress, and depression, in some cases, the injury may cause spasm, and a headache caused by muscle spasms and inflammation is the most prevalent types of headaches, where you feels the pain and pressure in all parts of the head.

Poor posture may also cause a headache by pressuring the nerve root in the neck area which may cause neck nerve damage or inflammation.

How to Get Rid of Neck-headaches

The experts are providing some basic solutions to avoid a neck-headache relationship.

If you work at a table all day, get up and walk around when you get a chance.

Rest in between your exercises may be useful to you once or twice to do work.

Work the muscles of the neck to be very close to the material forces.

You should pay attention to your exercise if you are stuck with it if the device at least is in a position to compel your position on your neck.

Relaxing is the other solution of that kind of problems.

If you find opportunity during the day, you should take breathe and oxygen from nature. Contact a physical therapist to perform your pain in the case of neck muscle damage.

Take Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Anti-seizure agents (Gabapentin), Anti-depressants.

How To Prevent Headaches Caused By Neck Inflammation:


Here’s a few fast and easy headache cures to make your headache caused by neck inflammation disappear in record time…

  1. Use a pillow that is not too thick to rest your head.

If the pillow that you are using is too thick, you will be straining your neck muscles when you are asleep.

If the neck muscles are taught for too long, they will become stiff and this often precipitates as a headache.

2. Perform a brief neck massage.

The message begins by gently pressing the hands against the face, then upward on the top of the head, back down the neck, and towards the heart. (By the way, all massage elements move towards, and finish at the heart.).

3. Each time you get a headache do not reach for your aspirin. Some headaches go by themselves. Do not make your body dependent on aspirin.


4. Try massaging your temples. Massaging your temples gently stimulates the circulation of blood and relaxes the muscles of the forehead and temples.

This itself soothes a person and provide relief from a headache.

A headache caused by neck inflammation cures may come and go, but taking these simple precautions will help your headache blues go away.


– Headaches may be related to inflammation of the neck, which is one of the main causes of the pain in the head.

– Ahead pain resulting from neck inflammation is called “ a cervicogenic headache” or “a cervical headache”.

– The first step to diagnosing a headache resulting from neck inflammation is to identifying the source of the pain by administering nerve block technique.

– The main treatments are exercises, physical therapy, and botox injections.

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