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Lower Back Pain Causes and Treatment

Lower Back Pain Causes and Treatment


Aside from headaches, lower back pain is one of the most common problems we are experiencing.

This maybe felt due to prolonged heavy activities, fatigue, muscle sprain, body organ damages such as kidney infections, ovarian disorder in women, appendicitis, and bladder dysfunction.

Accidents can also cause back pain, Most of the people suffer from stiff lower back problem.

The major cause is improper sitting and standing positions, If you are involved in a job that demands to stand all the time you need to understand the perfect position for standing.

Similarly, if your job is of couch potato than you must take time to move your body. Here is a brief guide to lower back pain causes and treatment.

Lower Back Pain Causes

Very Little Movement: The little or almost no movement in a day causes your muscles to get stiff and results in stiffness of lower back and pain. This basically happens in a job where you sit whole day and do not take short breaks to stretch your body.

Bad Posture: Sometimes while sitting you does not recognize that your posture is not optimum. You should sit in a position that does not put pressure on your lower back. If you are sitting in front of laptop make sure you are at an angle of 145 degrees from the laptop.

Tedious Work: Sometimes in lieu of completing work you do extensive work with your body. This causes stiffness in lower back. Even a small pain in lower back is the indication that you should stop working and take rest.

You should avoid long hours of hard work and instead take short breaks while doing your work.

Sleeping position: Another most common factor for stiffness and lower back pain is the sleeping position. Sleeping in a single position for a longer time also stiffness the back.

Medical condition: Some of the medical conditions such as osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, and ruptured disc cause stiff back problem. In such cases, you should see the doctor immediately.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Suffering from lower back pain is a very common ache. But if your pain persists for a longer duration, it has to be reported to the doctor.

  • Whenever you suffer from lower back ache you should have the power to find out the cause of your pain then only you can take a step ahead for lower back treatment.For initial stiffness treatment, press your back very softly, Do not press hard.


  • You should always try to sit in a perfect position, Don’t get so much involve in your work that you forget the bad position in which you are sitting.
  • If you are a couch potato, get a chair which supports your back from upper to the lower portion.
  • While sleeping, place a pillow under your knees. This will release the pressure from hips and back.
  • For people involved in the handling of logistics and other materials, a major step towards stiffness treatment would be to have a back support belt while handling heavy materials.
  • Whenever you feel even a little ache in your back, go for hot and cold packs.These are some of the lower back pain causes and treatment. You need to assure yourself that you do not put pressure on your back.


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