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Muscle Aches

How to Get Rid of Bicep Pain

Know How to Get Rid of the Problem

Are you suffering from bicep pain? Is doing even daily chores an agonizing experience because of intense pain?

You need to know all details in regard to this type of problem so can choose the right way to find a solution to your troubles. Though biceps pain could be extremely uncomfortable there is really no cause to panic. And don’t be alarmed by the difficult explanations from a doctor.

Why does biceps pain occur?

Knowing the probable causes of biceps pain is essential for you. It is possible that you have injured your bicep muscle when you were lifting something heavy. A muscle tear is quite often a cause of the pain.

The pain may also be because of bicep tendonitis, a condition which happens due to repeated use of the bicep muscle. The problem could also be caused by any of the following:

  • Direct trauma
  • Tendon calcifications
  • Multidirectional instability

If you are a bodybuilder or a golfer or maybe a tennis player, bicep tendonitis may be the reason behind the bicep pain.

Common symptoms of biceps pain

The pain may be mild or severe, depending on the amount of damage done to the muscle. If it is caused by a muscle injury you would experience pain when you try to stretch your arm towards an object. Or you could also feel the pain if you stretch your arm upwards.

Common symptoms of Bicep tendonitis are as follows:

  • Feeling of pain when your shoulder is touched Pain in the front portion of the shoulder when you move your arm
  • Red or swollen bicep area Feeling of burning sensation in the affected area
  • The sound of snapping when your arm is moved

Biceps Pain: Treatment you could opt for

If you experience this problem it is best that you rest the area as much as possible. It helps if you put your arm in a sling so as to avoid all activities of the muscle. Ice packs also help in relieving this pain.

Intense pain sometimes requires anti-inflammatory medications in case the swollenness of the area does not diminish with the application of ice. The administration of injections may also be necessary and in serious cases an operation is also needed.

It is best if you choose to utilize physical therapy to treat this problem. This is effective in easing your bicep and shoulder pain. Physical therapy is also helpful in rehabilitating your bicep muscles to the previous state.

Rehabilitation exercises

I suggest that you use certain mild exercises to ease your pain. These exercises are quite effective in bringing back your bicep muscle and tendon to its previous state as well. This is especially necessary if you wish to avoid further complications.

My years of experience in the field of physical therapy have helped me to understand that the following exercises are good to ease your pain:

  • Light weight curls
  • Bicep stretch
  • Shoulder flexing

But do keep in mind that you need to avail the guidance of an expert physical therapist in doing this.

If Your Biceps hurts after training, it is important to warm up for a few minutes and, at best, to stretch a little to avoid injury, just before starting a fitness workout. Train to the limit, but not beyond the limit, your body is all flesh and blood. If the biceps hurts after training this is usually a sign of oncoming muscle soreness. A warm bath / sauna, a small massage or just a day’s rest should lessen the pain or let it pass.

Tips to prevent injury of your biceps muscles

Prevention is always better than cure – so it is always a good idea to pay attention to certain details:

  • Don’t overdo your exercise regime
  • Always take time to warm up and cool down while exercising
  • Apply ice if you feel any bicep pain immediately.



There are many causes that can cause biceps pain. You may be injured as a result of poor physical preparation, overuse of the muscle, or over or undertraining. An abrupt and uncoordinated movement can also cause severe biceps pain.

As a proper defense mechanism of the body hardening of the biceps serves to harden the muscle, thereby preventing its overuse.

More intense than a sore muscle, hardening is sometimes manifested by the appearance of a bump or the swelling of a muscle. If you suffer from hardening, touching the biceps is particularly painful.

If there is inflammation of the long biceps head, you will feel pain when you actively use the muscle. In the area of ​​inflammation, the skin is sometimes red, hot and swollen. As in the case of muscle hardening, the touch also causes severe pain here.

Resting your muscle, applying ice, anti inflammatory medication, and rehabilitation exercises are the main options to get rid of the biceps pain.

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