Neck Pain

Do Pillows for Neck Pain Really Work

In this post, you will learn about pillows that are designed specifically to eliminate neck pain and whether they are an effective remedy.
As a means of alleviating neck pain, people try almost anything. Because neck pain is a problem that affects so many people, doors of opportunity have opened for inventors to devise new products to help and manufacturing companies to get them made and on the shelves for consumers to buy. Although some products are nothing more than a waste of time and money, others actually provide much-needed relief as in the case of pillows for neck pain.
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In fact, specially made pillows have provided so much relief that they have quickly become one of the hottest solutions for this particular type of pain, although not a new solution. People have used pillows of one kind or another for a very long time but the pillows for neck pain being discussed in this article include those sold today to help neck pain of various types and levels of severity.
With these pillows being so popular, we wanted to offer information regarding how they work and which types tend to work best. That way, someone struggling day in and day out could actually use pillows for neck pain and once again enjoy a normal, pain-free existence. After all, the average person spends one-third of life in bed sleeping so waking to neck pain is all too common.
In addition to pillows helping with pain and stiffness as a result of sleeping in a bad position or on the wrong type of mattress, these pillows are also beneficial for someone who has undergone surgery, experienced injury from a car accident or fall, or simply worked long hours at a computer and now have pain and stiffness. In fact, some people with sleep apnea have found relief from snoring due to a collapsed airway by sleeping with these unique pillows.
Tips for Choosing a Great Pillow
Before we talk about the way in which pillows for neck pain work best, we wanted to offer information into making the right choice. Remember, people respond differently to pillows so several types may need to be tried before finding the one that offers great support and comfort. For starters, any pillows for neck pain considered should provide contour so the natural curves of a person’s neck would be accommodated while helping maintain proper posture during sleep.
A pillow such as this would prevent muscles of the neck from becoming strained but in addition, uneven pressure would be alleviated, which in turn would stop the formation of inflammation that causes a great deal of neck pain. With the right pillow, the head and neck would be at a perfect elevation in relation to the body and stop the head from rolling from side-to-side while asleep.
A good rule to follow when looking at different pillows for neck pain is to purchase one that offers support about two inches higher for the position of sleeping on the side than sleeping flat on the back. Again, this allows a person to sleep on the side comfortably while getting necessary support but also sleep while lying on the back but keeping the head in a secure position.
Even the size of the pillow is important. Most people never consider size when it comes to pillows for neck pain but the pillow should be appropriate for an individual’s body size. In other words, a man standing 6’6 would need a larger pillow than a woman standing 5’5. In addition, if the mattress on which a person sleeps tends to be soft, we recommend choosing pillows with a little more height.
Best Pillow Types
Using the information mentioned above as a guideline when looking at different pillows for neck pain, any of the following options would be considered good choices. Remember, a person may need to try more than one type of pillow before finding the one that offers the best support to eliminate and prevent pain.
Memory Foam Pillows – These pillows have been a top seller for many years although material and design has improved over the years. With this, a person’s neck would contour to the pillow, which would in turn remember the shape. Additionally, memory foam pillows are extremely comfortable, they last a long time, they help maintain temperature of a person’s neck regardless of climate or season, and they soften vibrations that occur during sleep.
Water Pillows – One of the more unique types of pillows for neck pain actually used water. This pillow has become increasingly popular to the point of almost taking the lead to the memory foam pillow. In addition to great support, water pillows are extremely comfortable and because water level can be adjusted quickly and easily, they work for virtually anyone with neck pain.
Inflatable Pillows – While some people think pillows for neck pain such as this would be a waste of money, the truth is that the better brands are made from high quality material that serves the purpose quite well. In fact, numerous studies confirm that for providing needed support, aiding in comfort, and preventing pain, inflatable pillows are considered one of the better choices. As with water pillows, inflatable pillows can be adjusted according to each person’s need with little effort.
Buckwheat – The last of the pillows for neck pain we wanted to mention is filled with buckwheat hulls. Although hulls are hard, they also conform well. Buckwheat pillows have been around for some 10 years and remain a great option. Another advantage to using pillows of this kind is better air circulation. The buckwheat hulls allow air to move through freely, which keeps a person cool and comfortable even in the hottest weather.

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