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What Causes Pain In The Back Of The Neck ?

What Causes Pain In The Back Of The Neck


Pain in the back of neck is a common problem people experience regularly.

Some individuals wake up daily with that sore feeling, resulting to limited neck movements and pain whenever they turn their heads.

This neck back pain is due to a wide array of causes like sore neck muscles, joint issues, and problematic posture.

An activity that usually causes neck back pain can be as common as sitting in a wrong position while reading or working, sleeping on a too high pillow, exercising your upper body; or something less frequent, such as whiplash .

when you suddenly move your head with great force.

Such force mostly occurs during a hard collision, for instance – a car collision. Sometime talking on the phone between our ear and shoulder in the curve of the neck may cause severe pain in the neck back muscles.

Your neck back pain can also be a result of abnormality in the joints or bone, degenerative diseases or even tumors.

Aging-related problems, such as arthritis or stenosis is among frequent causes, as well as illnesses such as Meningitis, when either a part of your spinal cord tissues are inflamed or the ache is coming from a Flu that makes your whole body hurt.

There are several chronic conditions – Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia or ankylosing spondylitis among root causes of neck back pain.

If you have pain in your jaw or heart, for instance during a heart attack, the pain can be referred to your neck as well.

The source of pain in back of the neck


Back of the neck pain causes vary mainly on the following reasons:

  • Internal factor.

These factors may range from internal muscle injuries or infections. Internal factors are the main reasons why the study, or at least familiarization, of the neck anatomy will become helpful for everyone.

  • External factors.

These are outside the body factors that cause injuries and result to sore neck muscles. Familiarization on these factors is also important, ensuring you’ll avoid them as much as possible.

back of the neck pain

Main causes of the pain of neck back


The following are the reasons why you get problems on your neck especially in the back regions like muscle soreness or other parts.

  • Injury.

Injuries can be a simple bump or a grave injury that may affect neck muscles and causes severe pain in the back of the neck.

These problems can occur during accidents. Whiplash is among the usual accidents that cause sore neck muscle pains.

For this, who are unaware of this injury, this type occurs when you hit your neck or head on the headrest while driving, as the reaction of being hit your car from its rear part.

Most of the time, it only affects the neck muscles, making them sore as the result. Nevertheless, some individuals suffer from intermittent or residual pain despite the absence of serious injuries.

Medical experts will then suggest wearing neck braces during the first days of the injury just to avoid the pain until the muscles recuperate.

Persisting pain may also cause patients to undergo further testing like MRIs to see if there are other affected areas causing the pain.

Many cases show that individuals feeling consistent pain may have damaged nerves.

Depending on the severity of the injury, a patient may undergo surgery to correct the damages, which will also result to wearing neck braces for healing purposes.

On the other hand, patients who may have only suffer superficial injuries that result to sore muscles may be given topical medications for relief.

Oral medications may also be prescribed to fully solve this issue.

  • Improper posture.

Posture is so important to living a pain-free life.

If you are someone who is slouching a lot or sleeping in weird angles, then take special note of these facts. A slouching position has the ability to make you shorter and ruin your body.

Imagine your body as a building.  If the building is not straight, then problems are likely to occur.  For the young people out there, you may not notice it at first.  Once you get into your 30s and 40s, the pain will really set in.

Posture is the common cause of the famous stiff neck or torticollis. In this case, your head fails to be at the neutral position than your spine,

like when you’re sleeping with your head leaning towards the side. It will go against the central gravity and pulls your head down, which results to strain.

You then wake up with sore feeling and intense neck back pain that often last all day.

Since it only affects the muscles in the back of the neck, the pain would not last long and can be treated with topical solutions. Famous solutions include camphor and menthol ointments, soothing strained muscles and result to pain relief.

  • Infections.

Unless the cause is internal factors, neck back muscles are often pointed out as the main causes of neck pains.

Nonetheless, internal factors like infection can affect other neck parts like the spine. This happens when a patient contracts meningitis, an infection that affects the meninges on the spine.

While the spine is affected, pain distributes outward and resulting to muscular problem.

But even if the muscle pain feels superficial, the only treatment possible is done internally through medications, or if required, surgical procedures.

  • Arthritis.

Arthritis is the condition wherein the neck joints started to incur smaller spaces in between.

Cushions tend to dry and irritate the nerves.

This will press the nerves and result to neck back pain. Again, this problem doesn’t affect the muscle, but it will appear like several neck pain due to soreness. Physicians need to conduct a series of testing to rule out arthritis and offer the best solutions for you.


Neck back pain can be caused by neck muscle soreness or other problems.

Although the pain usually is relieved simply, in case it gets worse it can limit our ability to move or even lie down properly and could lead to more severe pain in the same or different area.

Hence it is vital that the pain is relieved as soon as possible by finding the root causes in case it is frequent and treating the causes not just symptoms. So, it’s important to have the problem checked immediately to get the right treatments.


Pain In The Back Of The Neck


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