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Back Pain

Best 6 Exercises That Can Help Ease Your Back Pain

What is back pain?


One of humanities biggest and frequent complaint is about having back pain. It is one of the most common reasons for doctor visit to your place. Back pain is felt in back which starts from muscles, bones, joints to the spine. It could happen all of a sudden due to lifting something heavy or because of continuous sitting in the same posture or not exercising etc. It can be constant or might come and go from one place to other. It may be dull pain or piercing and can spread to arms, legs. In U.S about 9 out of 10 adult face this back ache problem at some point in their life because of which they miss 40% of their working days.

Every adult at one point or the other experiences back pain. For some it is just a matter of time before the pain sets in due to bad postures and trying to do too much at a time. Over stretching and lifting heavy objects does add up and when you eventually over do it, back pain will ensue.

However, physicians know this and a lot of athletes know this too that the best way to prevent injury to muscle is to strengthen it. Therefore, it is recommended that you practice some exercises that will add strength to the network of muscles in your back. Exercise provides two benefits to an individual, it strengthens your back muscles, and if you are actually experiencing back pain it helps to eradicate and make it a thing of the past. If you already have lower back pain engages only in low impact exercises.

For exercise to be effective and make sense, it must be part of your daily routine and done every day at least. Below are some exercises moves you can practice that will help relieve lower back pain and also protect the back from injury. They are exercises you can do on your own without any special tools or equipment.

Types of Exercises

Shrugging: This is an exercise you can perform practically anywhere and at anytime. Not only does it help keep your lower back in shape, it is also a good way of relaxing your shoulder muscles and getting rid of the stress of the day. To do this, shrug s you would normally shrug as far as you can go. Hold your shoulders in a shrug, raise both arms up to shoulder level and raise the palms of your hands as if you are gesturing somebody to stop.

Now tilt your head to the right until it touches your shoulder, hold for a few seconds and then bring your head back to the starting position. Repeat the process again using the left shoulder. Repeat as often as you like. This can be done standing up or sitting down.

Shoulder Rolls – While standing with your legs about a shoulder width apart, place your hands on your hips, twist to the left side and hold, and then twist to the right side and hold. This stretches out the bottom of your spine without stressing your back.

Back Stretch – This is a good way to stretch your back. Lie down on the floor straight all stretched out and then grab your left leg and pull your knee to the chest until you feel a stretch. Maintain your other leg straight out and this will give your back muscles a nice work out. Repeat the same process with the other leg.

Side Bends – While standing, extend your wrists so that your palms are facing downwards. Gently bend towards your right side as if you are trying to reach the ground. Once you feel the stretch, hold the position for about 20 seconds and then gently move back to the starting position. Repeat the process for the left side. Do about 10 to 15 reps for each side.

Aerobics – These are exercises you can also perform to strengthen your back muscles and prevent back pain. Always do exercises you are comfortable doing. If you already have back pain, do not do any strenuous aerobic activities for example dance aerobics. When starting exercises always start gradually, do not try to do everything in one day. Have a plan to exercise at least 20 minutes every day and gradually increase it as you gain stamina and strength. Always assume proper posture when doing any exercise. It makes a huge difference between who gets injured and who does not with exercise.

Exercise Balls – Exercise balls are an excellent way to build back muscle strength and deal with back pain if you already have it. As you do with other exercises, working with an exercise ball should be done gradually and efficiently. The balls can be used for stretching and resistance training. Possible exercises you can do with it include ball squats.

In most cases the back pain goes away naturally but if now then you must seek for an advice from a physiotherapist who can treat your problem and resolve. In cases in which the back pain has a persistent cause, such as some disease or spinal treatment, then it is necessary for the physician to diagnose the problem and advise specific courses of treatment.

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