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Muscle Aches

Best 5 At-Home Remedies to Cure and Treat Muscle Pain

A lot of people suffer from muscle pains due to a number of reasons. The causes may differ but to cure muscle pain, there are simple solutions to common muscle pain. Most muscle pains are cause by overuse or over fatigue of the muscles. They can be treated by simple RICE. Give your muscles a time to rest, put some ice on the affected area, compress the muscles to reduce swelling and elevate the affected area above the heart level.

Muscle pain has a variety of symptoms and it may differ from person to person. Here the common symptoms of muscle pain.

– Swelling and tenderness in the affected area. The area may be tender when touch and you can sometimes feel pain when you move that muscle.

– Signs of infection in the affected area. Redness, warmth and discoloration of the affected area may be a sign of swelling. Go to a health care center if you have these muscle pain symptoms.

– Muscle pain that gets worse when you move the muscle. Some muscle pain also radiates to other areas.

– Fatigue. You can feel tired with your muscle pain especially if it’s due to overuse of muscles.

Muscle pain is common for a lot of people but there are simple ways on how to prevent it. Here are some tips on how to prevent muscle pain:

– Do some stretching exercises before any activity. Take time to cool down your body after a rigorous exercise.

– If you’re working, take time to change positions every now and then. You can also do some stretching exercises in the office.

– Keep yourself well hydrated by consuming enough fluids throughout the day.

These are just simple ways on how to prevent muscle pains. Take time to know more about muscle pains to help prevent them from.

Home Remedies to cure Muscle Pain

Everyone needs to know the basic home remedies for simple heath problems. You need to know the basic ways on how to deal with basic health issues at home. Good thing there are basic remedies for almost all simple ailments. Muscle pain is a common ailment that needs immediate attention and there are a lot of home remedies you can apply. Read on to find out more about home remedies for muscle pain.

Here are At Home Remedies for Muscle Pain that you can do at home:


This is the most important remedy as you really need to give your muscles a rest. This is the most important part of the home remedy. Most muscle pains can be cured by simple rest and giving the sore muscle time to heal.


It is extremely important to put some ice on injured muscles. Wrap some ice with towels and don’t ever put the ice in direct contact with the skin. The maximum time you can apply ice is 20 minutes so make sure to time your ice application. The ice can help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Perform muscle massages

This can help promote blood circulation to the muscles.

Stretch those muscles

Make your muscles stronger by doing some stretching exercises. Stronger muscles are less likely to be injured. You can also stretch out your muscles after sitting or staying in the same position for a long time.

Know your limits

This means knowing when to stop and rest your muscles. Don’t overexert yourself and don’t push your limits.

Muscle pain is commonly experienced by people throughout the world. It is a fact that people need to know the basic home remedies for it. Take time to learn more about other home remedies that you can do on your own.

Muscle pain that is left untreated can of course result to more pain. If you continue using your sore and tired muscles, the more overworked and overused they will be. Rest is the best cure for a lot of muscle pain but sadly people don’t give their tired muscles enough of it. This can give you more pain and thus prompt you to get medical treatment.

Swelling and tenderness in the affected area can be a sign of infection. If left untreated, this can result to potential complication and even shock. If you see other signs of infection like redness and fever, don’t hesitate in seeking medical advice. Infection may be the cause of your muscle pain.

If you see bulges, discoloration of bones protruding in your muscles then you should seek help immediately. The muscle pain can be due to muscle fracture. This can really become a serious problem and surgery might sometimes be needed to treat the cause of the muscle pain.

When to Seek Medical Treatment for Muscle Pain

Know when to seek medical treatment and know the basic first aid to treat muscle pain. A lot of times, muscle pain can be simply treated with ice and rest. Unfortunately, people don’t even do these basic treatments at home. This can then result to potential problems.  Pain that lasts for a few days warrants medical attention so go to the nearest hospital for a check-up. Muscle pain may be just a simple condition but even simple conditions need attention and treatment too.

Muscle pain is a common occurrence to a lot of people. Often times muscle pain can be treated with simple rest and some ice. The biggest question in treating muscle pain is when to seek help. Knowing the right time to seek help is crucial when it comes to treating muscle pain.

– Muscle pain that does not heal after a few days. Muscle pain should lessen or be cured after just a few days. Muscle pain that is persistent and that does not go away needs medical attention. Pain that lasts for more than 3 days needs to be checked by a medical professional.

– The pain is sudden and with an unexplainable cause. If you are unsure of the cause of the muscle pain then its best to leave it to the experts.

– Tenderness, discoloration and swelling around the affected area. This could be a sign of infection and you need to seek medical help. Fever may also develop as a sign of infection.

– Weakness or inability to move the affected area. If you can’t move the affected area then you really need to have it checked.

– Visible bones or lumps in the affected area. This can signify bone fracture, sprain or strains.

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