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Back Muscle Spasm – The Main Causes and Relief

There are several different muscles that are located in a person’s back, along with intricately placed bones and tissue that begin at the base of the neck going all the way down to the pelvic region. The part of the muscular system that is one of the common areas to be affected by a spam or series of spasms is known in the medical field as the erector spinae muscles. These are the muscles that run along the area of the spinal column. The involuntary tightening or contracting of these muscles can be excruciatingly painful. When a spasm to this area occurs it can feel almost impossible for the person to perform any type of action or task. Not only is the erector spinae muscles affected when a spasm occurs, but the tissue that surrounds these particular muscles tends to also tighten and become rather painful as well.


There are also a lot of men and women that frequently experience muscle spasms in back areas of the body that occur in the lower region of their back. In many cases this is simply due to the way the human body is structured. This is simply because most any action a person does affect this area of the back. The lower back is most affected by movements such as pulling, stretching, twisting, pushing, and bending. When this is done excessively it can easily result in muscle spasms in back regions of the torso.

Back Muscle Spasm Causes

Some spasms that people experience begin in the nerves and then they travel to the surrounding muscle and other tissue that is in the area of the spasm. Sudden movements can cause excessive strain on the muscle, resulting in the contracting of spasms. There is also a wide assortment of other causes for a person to experience the severe pain of a spasm in the muscles. Some of the most common reasons are as follows:


– Injuries – An injury to the back can be caused by a slip and fall, an accident, sports injuries, and several other causes resulting in tears, sprains, and bruising.

– Health conditions – Various conditions and diseases are common for cause muscle spasms in back muscles and just a few of these include degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis.

– Bulging or herniated disc – Injuries like this can not only cause the person to experience painful spasms right after the injury, but in some cases they will experience them throughout the entire healing period.

– Fractured vertebrae – This serious type of injury can make it extremely difficult for a person to remain mobile, as their movement is often restricted a great deal. What a lot of people are not aware of is the lack of movement can also cause a large amount of pain and spasms due to a condition known as ‘flat back syndrome’, which occurs from a lack of mobility.

– Ischemia – This is a condition that is caused when the muscles receive lower than adequate amounts of oxygen that cause muscle spasms in back muscles. This probably usually goes away on its own without causing any type of damage.


Finding Back Muscle Spasm Relief

If you are experiencing spasms in your back, then you need to find back spasm relief.  This kind of muscle action can be intense and annoying and at times, unbearable.  The spasm is an action of the muscle that occurs when the muscle has been strained or torn.  It will quiver or pulse without you actually moving it and this can cause pain or simply annoy you.

Muscle spasms are often caused by the inflammation that occurs when a muscle is torn.  Inflammation can be dealt with in several different ways from home, including:

  • Placing ice over the area of inflammation for 15 minutes periods for the first 24 to 48 hours after injury.
  • Taking over the counter anti-inflammatories and pain medications as directed.
  • Relaxing in a nice hot bath or in a jetted tub that can massage the area of the back that is in spasm.
  • Stretching exercises on the floor.

If none of these exercises are effective for back spasm relief, you may need to visit with your doctor to find some alternative therapies.  No one wants to have to see their doctor every time they experience an ache or a pain, but spasm can be a more serious situation that needs immediate relief.

Your doctor may refer you for some massage therapy treatments.  Massage therapy treatments are often covered by health insurance, if you have been referred by your medical doctor.  This kind of treatment involves deep tissue massage, which can release the tension in the muscles that is causing spasm and provide much needed back spasm relief.

Another therapy treatment that may be recommended by your doctor is acupuncture.  An acupuncturist can apply needles to certain pressure points near the area where you are having spasms.  This means that you may experience back spasm relief within a few hours of undergoing a treatment session.  Can you even imagine how great that would feel?  If you cannot imagine a life without pain, then you really need to undergo treatments that will help you to become spasm-free.

A chiropractor can assist with back spasm relief by making certain adjustments.  It could be that your spine is simply out of alignment, and when a chiropractor makes the necessary adjustments, you may feel much better, once the pressure has been released from your spinal column.  Certain pressure points in the back can cause pain and spasm, and when chiropractic adjustments are made, it can provide back spasm relief to the patient, where other treatments have failed.

There is simply no need to suffer with spasms in your back when you can get back spasm relief by meeting with a knowledgeable practitioner who can help you stop suffering from the pain.  Don’t sit at home and feel sorry for yourself, instead get to your doctor and seek the treatment that can provide you with much-needed relief.  It only takes a phone call and a trip to your doctor’s office to find relief from a painful condition, such as spasms.

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