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A list of Natural Cures To Treat Muscle Pain

A number of people do not have health insurance or access to doctors where they can receive medications. There are also a number of people that prefer not to use medications for health reasons, and rely on natural methods for fixing a bodily problem. There are a number of natural ways to reduce pain and prevent that pain from coming back!

Many oils from herbs can be used as a concentrated pain reliever. One of such herbs is the clove. Clove oils can be applied to a sore or hurting spot and the pain will disappear within a few minutes. Garlic is another natural cure for pain, and it also has an anti-inflammatory benefit. You can apply liquid garlic and also take garlic pills. Both are known to reduce arthritis symptoms.

Taking Epsom salt baths is also a well known natural treatment for muscle pain. Relieving your pain in a bath is one of the most relaxing ways to do so, and Epsom salt does a good job at it! You simply follow the package instructions and place the salts into a warm water bath, then relax!

Treatment Options for Muscle Pain

Treatment is the most important part of dealing with muscle pain. Without proper treatment based on your case, you could risk permanently damaging a muscle or joint, and not being able to use it again. However, with a proper treatment plan you can reduce that risk and boost your recovery process.

Treatments are including:

– Vitamins and Minerals

– Anti-inflammatory drugs

– Physical Therapy

– Surgery

For muscle and joint pain your doctor may begin with determining if you are lacking any vitamins or minerals. If you are, then he or she will prescribe a “natural” treatment for you to see if that changes anything. Depending on your situation, he may also provide anti-inflammatory drugs or minor pain relievers. Usually the individual will return back to normal health after something this basic, but in severe cases other steps are needed.

There are a variety of medications that can meet the needs of different people. If you are concerned about side effects just ask your doctor about them and your risks.

Physical therapy is often used for patients that have a minor injury or a stress injury that will only heal through physical activity. A physical therapist will teach the patient how to perform stress reducing poses which will effectively strengthen the bones, joints, and muscles again. Athletes often need physical therapy at least once in their lifetime, and it is a fantastic way to recover from any pain or joint issues. Physical therapy is used for more than minor injury though, and can be used to treat a number of muscle and joint conditions.

If the patient has a severe problem that will cause significant damage if untreated, then surgery may be needed. Surgical procedures can fix any of the inner damages that cause pain while preserving the muscle and joint tissues. Surgery is usually a last resort option. Most health insurance plans can cover some of the cost of a surgery as well.


Other Natural Treatments for Muscle Pain:

Using a topical treatment with a cream such as Tiger Balm.

Consuming cayenne pepper or applying it to the source of pain.

Getting a low impact workout in each day.

Taking vitamins, especially vitamin D, and sulfates can help.

Getting plenty of rest and elevating your sore or painful areas.

Valerian root (a powerful muscle relaxer, take with caution)


Kava Kava (also a powerful muscle relaxer, much more than valerian. Take with caution)

Apply ice to the affected area to relax the muscles and reduce inflammation.

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Eating a healthy and clean diet can also work wonders on the body. It is definitely the number one way to effectively relieve pain and feel great all over. Remedial exercise can also relieve soreness and aches, allowing you to live normally.

There are hundreds of natural pain relievers, but these are by far the most beneficial! Be careful when using natural remedies though, they do carry side effects that can become dangerous. When consuming Kava Kava or Valerian root, always take small doses or seek professional advice first.

These are powerful muscle relaxers that can be damaging if taken in excess. They are also sleep inducers, so they not only relieve pain but allow you to sleep through the night!

Some individuals may find that a combination of the above treatments can fix their condition better than just one. Many patients take medicine on top of physical therapy. Some patients also require physical therapy and medication after a particularly stressful surgery. Developing a treatment plan that will work for you is the best way to heal and become healthy once again. Your doctor will know exactly how to treat your condition and which options will best suit you.

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