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9 Surprising Causes of Pain !

9 Surprising Causes of Pain


Body Pains – Dealing with the Hurt


Throughout this article, we will pinpoint some of the major causes of the condition of body pain and the effects it has on the overall perception of your health.

The intention is to create a better awareness of the condition so better decisions could be made in terms of seeking better advice and treatment from professionals.

The sources of body pains are unlimited.

There are just so many reasons to experience severe discomfort they can’t all be named in a single article. Following is just a partial list of the more common reasons people experience either localized or generalized pain:

1- Osteoporosis

2- Fibromyalgia

3- Arthritis

4- Vital infection

5- Muscle strain

6- Broken bones

7- Cancer

8- Referred pain

9- Aging: Sometimes become a common complaint often associated with the aging process.

It is important to know that also when the pain and inflammation are felt, it’s an attempt from the body to protect us from foreign objects in our bodies.

Since the causes of body pain are so varied, It is why is so important a proper plan be considered to be able to combat the condition.

The most common places on the body which experience pain are the back and the joints.

The joints such as the knees and hips are the areas where arthritis is most likely to be found. The causes of body joint pain can also include injury as a result of an accident, lifting weights that are too heavy, or simply twisting the wrong way in a sudden movement.

Back pain, on the other hand, is usually due to muscle strains in the middle or lower back areas.

In more serious cases, back problems may be due to spinal disease or deformity. You can also experience other body pains such as in the feet, chest or neck, but back and joint pain is the most common.

Enjoying Life Again


Chronic body discomfort can be stressful and make it difficult to enjoy life.

When you hurt all over and can’t seem to get control of your pain, it is discouraging. It can be even more discouraging to become dependent on prescription medicines because they often have so many side effects.

That is why so many people turn to natural treatments or alternatives for body pain maintenance.

Body pains of all kinds can be controlled, managed or reduced with alternative treatments.

Alternative treatments take a more holistic approach to pain management and work on soothing anxiety over the medical condition and relieving the pain itself.

For example, aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to soothe aching bodies.

Certain aromatherapies stimulate the areas of the brain affecting mood and the areas which register pain. When the mind relaxes and the brain becomes less receptive to pain messages, the discomfort level is reduced.

Other alternative treatments include adjusting the diet to prevent allergic reactions or to build strong joints or muscles, taking nutritional supplements, massages, and most importantly, exercise.

Getting regular exercise while maintaining good overall body conditioning is one of the best hurt management techniques you can employ.

You don’t have to just live with body pains and accept a less than a full life.

There are many ways to deal with pain so that you feel better and are able to once again enjoy your favorite activities. Life is too short to do otherwise.

Body Pain Managements without Medication:


Here are five methods that could help get you on the path to body pain relief:

  • Deep Breathing and Meditation – Deep breathing and meditation will help you relax in both mind and body, allowing your pain to lessen or disappear altogether.


By focusing your mind on your breathing and erasing the distracting thoughts of your mind, you can submerge yourself into a state of pure relaxation.

You can enroll in a meditation class that offers beneficial relief in other areas of your life, too.

Not only will you learn to melt away your pain, you will find yourself in a better state of mind to handle stress, illness, and other unwanted feelings and discomfort.

  • Stress Management– Our everyday lives is full of many types of stress.


From making sure the bills are paid on time, to caring for your children, stress can build and then wear us down.

Many things can cause stress in a person’s life; even the smallest of things. Stress is one of the main causes of constant pain.

It is for this reason you want to eliminate, or at least reduce your stress, which can effectively reduce your pain considerably.

There are many ways to eliminate or reduce your stress, but you must find the methods that work best for you.

Some people find that listening to music is soothing and relaxing. You can also try using mental imagery, such as picturing your favorite reading spot or Nature Park, for example.

Progressive muscle relaxation works, too, so ask your doctor about this effective way for pain management without medication.

  • Boost Your Body– Did you know you can heal yourself with your body’s own natural defenses?


Many people find this hard to believe because the pain they are inputs their mind in a state of depression and hopelessness.

However, there are several physical activities that you can participate in that will help you get back into motion and increase your ability to move; ridding yourself of the pain. Try taking a stroll around your neighborhood or going on a leisurely bike ride.

You don’t have to run a marathon at first. Start slowly and carefully, increasing as you goes along.

  • Change Bad Habits– If you eat junk food, drink, and smoke or take drugs, you could just be adding to the problem.


Pain can make living very difficult; from sleeping soundly, to doing everyday chores and activities, pain is your body’s natural protector, warning you when something is not right.

By eliminating certain foods, drugs, or alcohol from your diet, you can increase your body’s ability to do what it was created to do best , And Avoid The trigger Point Therapy .

One effective way to do this is to replace a bad habit with a good one.

So if you like to drink at the local bar in order to have a lively conversation, consider joining a club or a gym.

Pick up a new hobby or interest, and don’t be afraid to get professional help to beat an addiction. There is plenty of professional help out there for giving people their lives back.

  • Find Support– Another method of pain management without medication is to find a support group or someone you can talk to about your situation.


Ask your doctor about local resources, such as a nearby hospital or clinic. The constant feeling of loneliness can cause depression.

By joining a support group, you will surround yourself with people who completely understand where you are, and they can share what works for them, which could be helpful to you.

Another option is to seek a mental health physician or counselor to gain a better perspective, taking you out of your depressed state, and giving you a healthier attitude. This can have a beneficial effect on your pain and even could eliminate it altogether.




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