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Neck Pain

8 Methods to Reduce Sore Neck and Shoulder Pain

After a hectic day or after a day filled with excitement you may feel pain in the neck and shoulder areas. These are the most common areas that are easily affected by your day to day activities. The modern lifestyle also adds to this problem. The present day life style has completely eradicated most of our normal healthy activities that human beings used to do in the past. Instead it has added in multitude the general physical pain we now experience without any major health problems. That too, most of the people are affected with sore neck and shoulders problems.


Researchers say that this sore neck problem is experienced mostly by women rather by the men folk. It is due to the way women tackle their problems and handle their stress. Tension and remaining in the same posture for long hours are two major culprits of this problem. Women face lots of responsibility and so tension for them is greater than the men folk. When compared with the women in the past, present day women have added responsibility of earning and career aspect.


Though women are capable of multi tasking, the number of activities the modern women are doing is tenfold more than the women of earlier days. Moreover the way they tackle their problems adds up to their stress. They are easy victims of the neck and shoulder pain since they build up emotional blockades. Though they change their position often they are affected with tension. It is the main reason for all their physical and emotional problems.


How to Reduce Sore Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain

There are so many methods by which you can correct the situation:


The first and foremost one is to take breaks in between your prolonged work. Remaining in the same position cause muscle tightness and you must make it a habit to take break in between your office or computer work. For some pretext or other you must learn the techniques of taking breaks. It must not irritate others and more importantly it must not disturb your concentration of work. Train yourself to master the technique of taking break without affecting your work flow. Take a break to drink some water, do a slight walking and return back to your work. Remember to maintain correct posture.


Frequent stretching and exercising is good to prevent sore neck. This reduces the overload in the muscles and increase the strength and stamina of the shoulder. You can do isometric exercises, chest rotation, stretching muscles of the front panel and squeezing of the shoulder blades.

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Correct Your Workplace Position

Have your working place in the right position. Arrange everything both in the working place and in the home according to convenient and ergonomic position. The monitor distance, the keyboard height, and other details must be in the right position. Do not tolerate inconvenient working conditions and continue working bearing the pain. Correct it and work happily.


Correct your Sleeping Posture

Incorrect sleeping posture also causes sore neck and shoulders. Wrong posture and wrong usage of pillow, work out in the wrong way produces pain and discomfort to your neck, shoulders and to your body. Use neck pillow with contoured design and maintain the same pillow always. Changing the pillow can cause neck pain.


Taking Cold and Hot Medication

As advised by the medical practitioners you can take cold and hot medication alternatively. This will relieve the sore neck problems in a great way.  Sore neck and shoulders, stiff neck problems can be reduced and you get relief fast. Applying cold pack for nearly 20 minutes to reduce the inflammation and with warm water showering for 20 minutes can relax your muscles immensely.


Breathing Exercises

Apart from all these common strategies of prevention, there is one more beautiful solution that can reduce and cure all your sore neck and shoulders problem in a much effective manner. Proper breathing methods can do the miracle. The sad fact is almost all of us do not know the right way to breathe in and out. All living beings other than humans breathe properly and look after themselves when they fall ill.

Breathing with the support of the diaphragm is the correct method. When we are babies we do this but as we grow we forget this and start breathing in the lazy manner just with the upper portion of the chest. Proper breathing is very important because shallow breathing increases toxins in your body. Your tension and muscle stiffness increases through shallow breathing However, with the proper breathing you can successfully eliminate these problems

Keep your hands under your rib cage and inhale deeply using your mouth. Let the air go through down all the way to your diaphragm. This is very important. You must push your diaphragm against your hands while inhaling, and to check the process, your rib cage must expand front and back. Be careful not to raise your diaphragm but to expand it.


This habit of proper breathing, when you start initially as an exercise, must be increased and at the end you can be doing it all the time. This acts as a magic in reducing the stress out of your system and thus relieves all sorts of pain especially the pain in the neck and shoulders.


Yoga Exercises

Apart from this simple but powerful technique, you can also do yoga exercises to reduce your pain.  Learn the proper yoga poses and do them regularly. However you must do them in the proper manner. If done whole heartedly and regularly, your tightened muscles will get stretched, weak muscles will become strong and you can improve your posture and thereby release your tension. All the emotional and physical blockages will get released very easily.


Neck Massage

Use of neck massagers is also beneficial in reducing your pain. There are lots of neck massagers available in the market. Select a safe one and use it. Learn to massage yourself. On the whole as our elders said prevention is better than cure you can practice the correct and healthy habits and prevent your neck pain. That is much easier than taking steps to reduce it.

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