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10 Common Causes Of Headaches With Neck Pain And Ear Pain

10 Common Causes Of Headaches With Neck Pain And Ear Pain


Many times when experiencing headaches With Neck Pain And Ear Pain, the reasons as to why it occurs are many.

However with there being many diseases that come with headaches that can be considered critical, there are a few mild ones.

With focus mainly on critical diseases, here are 10 common causes of headache with neck pain and ear pain that heal easily :

1. Muscle strain

This normally occurs when the muscles are strained.

This can happen from overwork or even injury from too much physical labor or activity.

With this, the neck muscles tense up as the pain travels to the ear area. The headache is normally to alert you of the discomfort, resting will do the trick.

2. Tension headache

This is usually focused on the muscles around the head due to pressure and tightness.

In this case ensuring if one is wearing a headband it should be loosened, better yet hair should be worn loosely.

3. Ear canal infection

Its symptoms normally are pain and itching in the ear, fullness and some fluid discharge.

Decrease in hearing or temporary hearing loss is also a possibility. Its main cause is normally a bad allergic reaction with food or material that has gotten its way into the ear.

4. Torticollis

Often referred as spasms on the neck muscles, causing stiffness and pain due to sudden stretching of neck muscles.

The headache in this is again an indication of the problem at hand. Using a semi-hot cloth to massage the area works best.

5. Middle ear infection

Unlike ear canal infection, middle ear infection is normally caused when pressure is put on the eardrum.

This on the other hand causes pain and sometimes even hearing loss.

It is brought about by either an upper respiratory infection or an allergy.

By taking antibiotics, the headache with neck pain and ear pain should disappear.

6. Migraine headache

There are a number of reasons why migraines occur, with the most common being hormonal changes or change of atmosphere when travelling.

The headache pain is usually severe with flashes in vision, ear throbbing and neck tingling. Finding the cause behind it will eliminate the migraine.

7. Acute sinusitis

Normally referred to as inflammation of the sinus, they cause not only sinus pain but also facial redness, neck pain and ear discomfort. Keeping away from strong smells and cold weather is a sure way to keep it in check.

8. Sleep apnea

With the fact that people suffering from sleep apnea stop and start breathing a number of times when asleep, this normally stops the flow of oxygen. In this regard with the brain not getting the needed air, headaches normally occur.

9. Cervicogenic headache

Cervicogenic headache is known to cause pain behind the ear, headaches on the front skull and the nerves found on the neck.

It is normally brought about by excessive tenderness on the neck tissues or a stiff neck. It can easily be treated using massage therapy, acupuncture or chiropractic manipulation.

10. Mastoiditis

The most common cause of Mastoiditis is middle ear infection.

The symptoms to look for are headache with neck pain and ear pain. Hearing loss and redness is also another symptom to look out for. Although it affects mostly children, adults should also watch out.

All in all with there being other causes of headache with neck pain and ear pain, with the elimination of the above then doing further tests is advisable.

Causes Of Headaches With Neck Pain And Ear Pain


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